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By angel's eyes - how is it?

Almost all pictures and videos on the site are made voluminous, for anaglyph (red-blue) glasses

With the camera-drones proliferation, a lot of "bird's eye view" landscapes videos have appeared. Probably, the name is not quite accurate, because birds in flight also pay attention to the upper hemisphere, fearing predators... And they see the ground about as plane and flat as we see in these videos.
But let's not criticize words, what is missing in these videos? Why do they quickly become boring and lose their "wow-effect"?
What if you want something truly and literally, "never seen" ?

3Д фото Госпром
uspensky Cathedral
"From a bird's eye view" - this is at least 50-100 meters, unfortunately people can not feel the volume at such a distance, but only "guess" it.
Here is a 3D photo of the Derzhprom building in Kharkiv, the depth is well felt. Is it possible to combine the 3D vision with flight? Become a Gulliver and look at the city (waterfall, canyon, cathedral ...) like at a toy from different angles?
What does our beautiful planet look like from a height in 3D, in volume? By angel's eyes...? :-)
Click on the picture with the cathedral - and tiny cars will drive on the resulting video...
It took me three years to materialize this idea, right up to getting the video and applying for a patent. Here you see some frames from such videos, clicking on them will allow you to download 10-15 second samples.
Where can this kind of voluminous videos come in handy?
In education, entertainment, advertising - this is just what immediately comes to mind.

Red and blue glasses distort colors, without glasses it looks worse than a simple video from a drone... But virtual reality (VR), clubs and 3D, 4D, 5D... cinemas (yes, there are even "7D" - "Made in Ukraine"! :) grow like mushrooms all around.
ancient ship 3D sample anaglyph video
All of these establishments use helmets, glasses or special screens to reproduce volumetric (3D) video without the color distortion inherent in anaglyph (two-color) glasses.

All of them are geared towards games and similar entertainment with the backdrop of computer-generated 3D scenes.
This means:

- a limited shows set with the high updating costs,

- “cartoonishness”, not complete naturalness of reproducible structures and textures.

The 3D (voluminous) video obtaining method, which now is undergoing the international patenting procedure, is largely devoid of these disadvantages.
Lighthouse and port in 3D sample video
 Кадр из 3Д видео Мюнхен
In the very near future, a special video will be created for marketing research: how interesting this format is to current VR users, what price per view they consider acceptable, how profitable can such videos demonstration be, etc.

Everyone related to this business kind is invited to discuss such issues on the comments field at the page bottom.
Questions to the author may be put by Viber or Telegram, 099 437 2436.

A some more clickable frames to jump to the 3D video samples are below.

See, write, share!
The 3D video recording technology described here is supported by iXYt GmbH (whose logo you can see in the header of our website) so much that the full name of the method in the patent application sounds like  "By angel's eyes - iXYt“.
This support will include the free placement of a weekly event marker on the global billboard map at each of our partners' addresses where our videos will be shown.
One more castle on a hill 3D video
One more ship 3D video
That is, for example, in the table on the page like something like “Next Thursday, at YY hours in the club BP XXXX - 10% discount on ZZZZ”, and from this table line there will be a link to the page of the event itself with details about it and the club as a whole.

We plan to provide the "marketing video" without prepayment, because this is a new, unexplored business.
Those who want to accelerate its appearance and receive favorable conditions for future cooperation by offering sponsorship, feel free to be generous! :)

You can watch our other videos (both anaglyph and "side-by-side" that do not require glasses) on YouTube, for example:
To create the 3D effect in this case, "with the naked eye" will have to make some effort. Keeping your head upright in front of the “double” picture, look at your nose tip. In this process, the pictures will begin to approach each other, “crawling” one on top of the other in the space between them. You need to catch the eyes bevel degree where the combined image gains depth and sharpness - and maintain it. Wikipedia recommends placing your fingertip just below the separation between the two images to facilitate "merging", then slowly moving your finger closer to your eyes while keeping your gaze on the tip; at a certain distance, the merged 3D image should appear to be hovering just above the finger.
Our partners in the marketing research of three-dimensional videos "By angel's eyes - iXYt" will be given the opportunity to take for sale albums of Kharkiv 3D photos complete with anaglyph glasses (recommended retail price - 50 UAH, we - 30 UAH). We can also offer help in preparing and printing similar albums "for memory" with illustrations of your attractions ("word of mouth" is the best advertisement :) .

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