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More than for 10 years special physics courses  were read on a base of the Laser laboratory and laboratory work were executed for students of more than 10 specialities of  five NTU "KhPI" departments, between those courses: "Quantum radiophysics and non-linear optics", "Laser technniques and laser technology", "Laser and fibreoptic devices", "Laser technologies", "Lasers in optical checking" and others.

More than twenty laboratory works were made for those courses:: " Laser radiation angular divergence and power measurements ", "Determination of the laser projection microscope scaling factor and distorsion", "Metal drilling, cutting and welding by pulsed laser radiation", "Metal cutting by cw  laser radiation at "Kvant-50"technological laser installation ", "Studying of the technological possibilities of low power molecular   lasers ILGN-704,705 type ", "Bases of holographic interferometry", "Films optical parameters determination by ellipsometric method", " Laser excitement at molecules luminescence spectra study", " Solid state  laser resonator adjustment", "  Displacement and velocities measurement by means of  LIMS-1 laser interferometer", "Laser mass-spectrometry ", "Laser radiation spectral and polarization features measurment ", "Determination of   o semiconductor laser to single mode fibre coupling efficiency ", "Signal weakening  in fibre waveguides", "Determination of the losses in   fiber-optic communication links joints", " Diffraction meters of linear dimensions", "Fiber-optic displacement sensor", "Free generation,Q-switching and second harmonic generation", "Laser radiation self-focusing", " Eye ametropy study  by speckle-structures observation" and others.


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