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Researches in Laser Laboratory


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Welcome with your research proposals!

NTU"HPI" Laser Laboratory, 21 Frunze St.,  Kharkiv 61002 Ukraine.

Since the moment of it's establishment the laboratory was actively envolved in NTU's scientific work. The studies were conducted on complex chalcogenide semiconductor glasses photostimulated parameters changes, holographic coupling elements recording, fibre end microlenses formation by melting with carbon oxide   laser  radiation, laser sharpening of grinding diamond circles ,  noncontact coals quality diagnostics  via flames induced by laser irradiation, development and testing of thermosensor diagnostics of laser welding etc. Joint (with LIMHP CNRS , Paris) experiments on solid state and nanoparticles laser spectroscopy  were conducted in 1999,2000,2001,2002.

Some ideas in holographic structures applications, Holographic seal defended from holographic copying

NineSigma gives good causes to train one's brain and hands in an absence of more serious problems. If you  are also interested in

Small and Fast Electric Water Heater, or in

Technology to Reduce Foaming in a Boiler,

Compact Boiler Design/Technology

Composite Metal Oxide Particles

Conveyor method of large containers leakage measurement

or in Faucet Liner to prevent lead contamination of potable water according  to material toxity standard NSF-61, or in Technology For Small Metall Particles Detecting in Silica (Quartz) Tubing, we can help you!



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Tel. +38 099 437 2436

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