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Associate professor Vladimir V. Mussil

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Professor Alexander F. Suk

Laser laboratory was founded at General and Experimental physics Chair of NTU Physics and Techniques department in 1986. The aim was to speedup lasers and laser technology introduction  in teaching process and scientific studies.  New for NTU "HPI" speciality will be organized next year on the base of our laboratory  - "Laser  techniques and optoelectronics".

The Laboratory possesses  cw and pulsed Nd:YAG lasers (including those with passive/active Q-switching and  second harmonic generation, technological laser installations "Kvant-12" and "Kvant-50"), copper vapour , helium-cadmium, helium-neon,  semiconductor, nitrogen tunable dye  laser, laser mass-spectrometer EMAL-2, interferometer LIMS-1 and ellipsometer, holographic installation UIG-22K, measuring equippment, including devices for optic fibres and their joints losses measurement.

Except of unchanged laboratory chief associate professor A. Lazarenko and laboratory faculty presented at this page associate professors I.V. Sinelinik  and Yu.G. Okladnoy conduct lectures on quantum radiophysics and non-linear optics course developed in the laboratory.

NTU"HPI" Laser laboratory ,   21Frunze St., Kharkiv 61002 Ukraine.


Tel. +38 099 437 2436

(Viber, Telegram)




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Associate professor Ekaterina T. Lemeshevskaya.

Senior lecturer Alexander N. Andreev.

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