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Holographic seal defended from holographic copying

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Generally speaking holography is a coherent optics method of wave front (or light scattering surface relief ) recording, reproduction and copying. From this point of view that holographic method of documents forgery prevention in principle is somewhat contradictory in its essence: the microrelief of simple holographic seal can be (at least in theory) read, copied and reproduced by holographic means only! Does this mean that this from many points of view beautiful method is totally wrong? Of course not! We know how to improve it in order to exclude as this, as other ("mechanical", for example ) ways of large scale holographic seals non-sanctioned reproduction for at least 15 years. In parallel with patent application writing we made a copy of  German (Deutschland Bundesrepublic - as it can be seen in pictures at the left) visa - just to show principal possibility of this kind of copying: without any seal damage, any tracks, in an hour or even less - master copy on glass plate shown is ready! Of course, it is only beginning for large scale reproduction, and further stages are more time- and effort tacking... Yes, diffraction efficiency (image brightness) of our copies was sufficiently lower, but this is a quantitative, not qualitative difference. Keeping this in mind we made a dozen of (metallized) seal copies, glued them to letters and mailed to some European countries embassies in Kiev. In those letters we asked to connect us with a firm that produces seals in order to cooperate.

The only answer we received was one from German embassy: “It’s interesting. We redirected your letter to our Foreign Affairs Office in Bonn. Of course you will be notified with the consideration results”. And that is all...

So, if you are interested in cooperation in this field (large number of copies protective holographic seals defended from such copying)), contact me. For a few number of copies (up to several thousands or few tens of thousands) another my development is used for years (individualised standard protective hologram with numeration).


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